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The Most Frequently Asked

Q. What is G16Print product-designer? ?

It is an online studio designer with a convenient user-friendly interface that is used to personalize products. You can create a full-color and high-quality ready to print product such as business cards, advertising materials, office supplies, packaging, indoor and outdoor signs, clothing and bags for free or order customized product.

Q. What features make the design studio awesome?

 The designer studio is exceptionally packed with a lot of features, making it a convenient user-friendly tool to create, personalize and express yourself.

The studio is armed with over million free stock images directly connected to Pixabay. Unlimited use of thousands of cliparts, over 850 Google fonts, shapes, drawing tools and with the flexibility to remove a background from any images.

Q. I uploaded the wrong artwork, how do I resolve this?

In the event of uploading the wrong artwork to your product, you can either delete or change it before hitting the checkout page, however, if you had eventually proceeded to checkout with unintended artwork for your product. Please give us a call immediately or contact us to get to stop the order within 24 hours.

Q. I can't find my order?

Once you place an order, the order details immediately are sent to the email provided during checkout. You can track the status of your order by visiting My Account page, and click on Order link to view the current status. If something doesn't feel right, contact us immediately to resolve it.

Q. Can I use the designer studio for free?

You can use the studio to design and print from the comfort of your home. The image, templates, logo, text and other awesome functionalities are absolutely free. And if you intend to order a customized product such as t-shirts, business cards or even an iphone cases, you only pay for the cost of material, print, and shipping.

Q. Do you offer custom design support?

Absolutely yes, we offer a custom design support for those who need to implement advanced concept to their design. We help customize all products available on our platform.

Order & Shipping.

You can change the order provided you have not checked out and completed the payment, however, if you have completed and you realized you had a wrong order, please speak with us immediately.

An order may not be changed if you failed to contact us immediately within 24 hours.

You can modify your existing shipping address before you made the final decision to proceed to checkout. You can also use your billing address to replicate your shipping address if you want.

Sure, but this should be done as soon as possible not later than 1 hour after you have placed the order. Due to our high volume of a turnaround as orders are printed very rapidly once received.

If you are not satisfied with the product ordered, please give us a call immediately. We'll do everything possible to fix it and make it right. We always want you to be 100% satisfied with G16Print.

Please check your order history to view the current status. You can access this through My Account page and click Order. You will be provided with the full details information regarding your order status if processed, on-hold or completed and shipped.

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New Zealand
Puerto Rico
United Kingdom
United States of America
Virgin Islands (US)

Q. Do you ship worldwide?

No, but we are working on shipping globally, however. G16Print is currently shipping to over 60 countries globally. Check the list of shipping countries in the shipping and delivery page.

Q. Do you offer expedited delivery on shipping?

Yes, we offer expedited delivery. However, express delivery is not available for orders that are shipped to a P.O. BOX addresses.

Q. How much does it cost to ship an item purchased on your site?

A. Economy - 8 business days to arrive - Cost $6.99 (order less than $20), $7.99 (order less than $100) $10.99 ( over $100)

B. Standard - 5 business days to arrive - Cost $7.99 (order less than $20), $8.99 (order less than $100) $13.99 ( over $100)

C. Express - 3 business days to arrive - Cost $21.99 (order less than $20), $22.99 (order less than $100) $25.99 ( over $100)


Q. How does the shipping method work?

We offer high-quality shipping services at a low-cost thanks to our shipping carriers. The delivery method estimated arrival date and other tracking details based on your location and the type of delivery speed chosen.

The delivery method, estimated arrival date, and other tracking details will be fully provided in your shipment confirmation email.

Billing & Account

G16Print primarily charge for only customized products. We do not charge for design, templates, images or graphics to express yourself.

You can update your billing address, do this by visiting My Account page or on your checkout page. To ensure your billing information is absolutely secured, our billing system is completely automated and protected by the fraudalert pro. Indicating WE CAN NOT change your billing address except you.

We take your privacy extremely seriously, and that is why we use the trusted payment merchant in handling and processing of payment, and with the help of Fraudalert Pro, your credit card information is for sure secure to protect you from malicious fraudsters. Any unauthorized activity is flagged immediately with a quick notification to your email.

G16Print accepts most major credit and debit cards processed by PayPal. You do need an account to process your payment with your valid payment cards.

Never, we do not store your credit card information on our database or servers, and that is why we have a Fraud detection system that checks for any unauthorized activities on your card or information.

A few errors may have contributed to your payment problem, and this may be card expiration, insufficient fund, wrong CVV code. Do the following to resolve the problems: 

  • Double check that the following details you've entered are correct:

– Card number
– Expiry date

  • Verify that your card is not being used beyond the expiry date.
  • Check that there are sufficient funds to make your purchase.

Visit My Account page or click on the top right menu, sign in or click to register your information.

Click on the top right link that reads "sign in" and enter your details to log in to your account or navigate to My Account and enter your details to continue.

Visit the My Account page, then enter your existing email or username, hit the reset my password button. You will be sent an email with a secure link to reset your password. Once you receive the email, click the link to proceed to log in again.

You can update your account details once you have successfully logged into your account, click on the edit button to change the information associated with your account on My Account page.

G16Print takes customer privacy very seriously and in the event of having your card charged without your approval, please contact us immediately and do not email your card information to us. It will be resolved.

You can contact us if you want your account removed completely. Visit our contact us page, fill in the form and submit with a subject line " Cancel my account".

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